There’s More In Tod

There’s More In Tod

There’s more in Todmorden‘ is an exciting new initiative / campaign which blossomed from a Destination Tod workshop in January 2019, initiated by Upper Calder Valley Renaissance (UCVR), Todconnect, Todmorden Information Centre and Calderdale Tourism.

Attended by many business owners and community groups in the town, the objective was to find a ‘unifying identity’ that could be utilised to support businesses, community groups, or individuals who represent the town’s unique range of attributes to the outside world.

The workshop was steered by Stephen Curry of UCVR who says… “The project was never intended to be either: a) just a tourism promotion or, b) a business promotion, retail or otherwise.

“It was intended to be (and is) a town wide opportunity to ‘shout out’ what a great place this is to live, work and visit. The campaign can be adapted by businesses, community groups and local authorities to promote their own brands, alongside their pride and enthusiasm for the town.”

Not just for one, or some, but for all

The ‘There’s more in Todmorden‘ identity and tools really are there for EVERYONE to use. Firstly to highlight and promote their own business / organisation but at the same time, and in doing so, the town as a whole.

However it’s hugely important that everyone uses the official font, colours and logos that have been created or the inconsistencies across all the businesses in the town will soon become a sad and sorry mess!

To help with this we have prepared a set of Brand Guidelines which you can view and download here… 

We have also created a variety of logo options that you can download and use here (The file downloads directly to your Download folder).

There is also a video and a website – – that can be shared.

Read on for more details…

Using ‘The There’s MORe in TodMORden’ Branding

Using The Branding

Ideas on how we can use all these materials to promote our businesses and the town itself will grow and evolve as we start to share the campaign and get ideas from each other. In the meantime here are a few principles and ideas – plus all the downloads – to get us all started…

In written form…

When writing the wording There’s more in Todmorden the ideal way to do so is in the same styling (colouring) as in the logo.

However in many cases this is not possible, or easy at least, and then the mor text in both words can be accentuated by capitalising the letters.

So it becomes – There’s MORe in TodMORden

Whether you’re writing it as either more or MORe, let’s be creative and have FUN with it as we’re extolling the virtues of our great town.

The video does use the word mor without the ‘e’ and there are creative reasons for this.

However, this is only part of the branding and far more often it will be represented as the logo and therefore people will be more used to seeing with an ‘e’ than without




Sharing the website…

The website is a fairly simple, but bright & modern design, whose purpose is to act as a gateway to other local community sites that provide more information about the town.

It is mainly for sharing with people that we wish to ATTRACT to our town – whether that be to visit, work, do business, or even live. So, for want of a better expression, this is for our potential ‘customers’.

At the moment it’s not about being a directory for local businesses, but this is something that can be considered if and when the visitor numbers reach a level which would make it a worthwhile & valuable addition.

When sharing this on your own website, social media platforms, or any other digital communication, you may wish to place the website URL ‘behind’ one of the logos, or an screenshot of the website itself, creating a clickable image link.

If you would like to use a screenshot of the website then feel free to download any of these pre-prepared images.

Sharing the video…

Equally easy to share and receive, the video is a fantastic, fast-paced film to help spread awareness of Todmorden and all it has to offer.

You can share this on your website (eg. in a blog, or added more permanently to your sidebar or footer), in social media posting, or within any emails / newsletters you may send.

Using the hashtag #thereismoreintodmorden plus other popular local hashags such as #todmorden & #visittodmorden will help to increase its reach.

There are four ways for you to share the video.

You can download the HD 720p & 1080p files from here on our website, or go to its page on Vimeo where you have more options for resolution quality. Or you can simply share its YouTube link.

Click on your preferred option(s) below.

Offline options for using the brand…

As well as online, ‘digital’ means to share and spead the word that There’s more in Todmorden, there are plenty of ways and opportunities to use it in your offline (ie. regular) business world too!

You can use it in alongside your own branding, logo, tagline etc. On flyers, brochures and any other Point of Sale you may use in your business. Even on your company vehicle maybe!

There is also an opportunity to include it on merchandise that we can either giveaway or sell within our businesses. Pens, mugs, environmentally friendly shopping bags – with your business logo on one side and There’s more in Todmorden on the other. These are some of the suggestions ‘mocked up’ on the Brand Guidelines PDF but there will be many more.

Below you will find the download links for the Brand Guidelines and Logo Pack which contains an few pre-made logos that you can use “off the shelf”.

‘There’s more in Todmorden’ is a unifying identity that “makes the whole much greater than the sum of its parts”. The more businesses and groups that use it the more we will be seen as a close, cohesive community – and that puts out a very positive vibe.

The more often people see the branding, the more it will become embedded in their minds and the more likely that they will at sometime feel encouraged or inspired to come and visit us.

Knowing this, is the heart and inspiration of the ‘There’s more in Todmorden’ campaign.

If you have any questions or suggestions then please do get in touch with us by email at hello (@)

And finally… a business owners video guide to There’s MORe in TodMORden